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The Good Sleep Habit

What you do before snuggling down for the night directly affects the quality of your sleep. It’s critically important that you get into a routine, for both your physical and mental health.

How to Create a Good Sleep habit in 30 days

If you do the same thing every day for 30 days, it soon becomes a habit.

Your bedtime routine should include:

  • 🌜Sticking to the same bedtime hours
  • 🌜Getting ready for the next day the night before to reduce stress
  • 🌜Switching off tech an hour before bedtime
  • 🌜Having a warm milky drink
  • 🌜Write a journal to calm your mind
  • 🌜Make your room as dark as possible

Download: Get The Good Sleep Habit

30 Top Tips for helping you relax and prepare for sleep:

  • 🌜Set a time for bed
  • 🌜Prep your breakfast
  • 🌜Keep it loose
  • 🌜Have a warm milky drink
  • 🌜Check the forecast
  • 🌜Tidy up
  • 🌜Write a journal
  • 🌜Get ready for tomorrow
  • 🌜Write a To Do list
  • 🌜Wipe off the day
  • 🌜Turn the lights down
  • 🌜Plan to be active
  • 🌜Keep it quiet
  • 🌜Colour it in
  • 🌜Draw the curtains
  • 🌜Go to the loo
  • 🌜Be grateful
  • 🌜Fill your memory jar
  • 🌜Set an alarm
  • 🌜Pamper yourself
  • 🌜Spritz your pillow
  • 🌜Read a book
  • 🌜Have a bubble bath
  • 🌜Check the temperature
  • 🌜Brush your hair
  • 🌜Switch off tech
  • 🌜Listen to calming music
  • 🌜Breathe deeply
  • 🌜Practice mindfulness
  • 🌜Stretch it out

For all the details on our Top 30 Tips, download: Get Ready for Bed 30 Top Tips

Finally, you can also download our handy sleep tracker so you can keep an eye on how you’re doing. We’d love to hear your sleep stories. Tag @sleepwellmilk and #bedtimehabit and we’ll find you on social.

Download: Sleep Well Sleep Tracker

Cheers all and sleep well. x