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Bedtime snacks

Who doesn’t love a late night snack? We love ’em! Here, Anita from Team Sleep Well shares some sleep-friendly bedtime snacks and tips for ensuring a great night’s sleep.

From avocado toast to grilled turkey, there’s a whole range of bedtime snacks you can eat if you get peckish before hitting the hay that won’t affect your digestion.

To eat or not to eat? That is the question

Anita, Sleep Well

The do’s of bedtime snacks

I’ve always loved avocado on toast, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This lovely vibrant fruit is a great natural way to kick start your bedtime routine. You get a huge dose of potassium before bed which can help induce sleep.

If you’re a meat lover like me, you’ll be happy to know you can also have a protein fix before bed. Turkey contains tryptophan and is low in fat, so there’s less strain on your digestive system before bed. Whether your a simple grill and salt, or would like something a little more adventurous like The Recipe Critics ‘Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps‘ (just ensure you leave out the chilli and onions before bed!) why not give a Turkey a chance? They’re for life, not just for Christmas.

Peanut butter and banana can be a great quick fix when you need a little pick me up to quieten those cravings. With bananas being another great source of potassium, they not only help you feel fuller for longer but are a peel-and-go snack. Easy peelsy.

For those of you that are a looking for an extra healthy go to, look no further than the humble cherry. They may be small, but they are mighty and pack a punch (a bit like me) of melatonin (not so me). This natural hormone helps calm your body, ensuring you’re in the right state of mind before your bedtime routine.

The maybe nots…

After a long day at work or having caught up with friends you may want a quick food fix rather than slaving away in the kitchen. However, there a few things to avoid with regard to bedtime snacks.

It may be obvious but it’s best to avoid high fat meals. Fried food, like a greasy kebab or burger (although this is very tempting after painting the town red) leaves your body working overtime to digest through the night.

Although not technically a snack, alcohol can lull you into a false sense of sleepiness. If you need to drink, try to in moderation otherwise your sleep will be disrupted as you toss and turn through the night.

Spicy food and citrus fruit are a natural irritant to the digestive system. So, rather than put up with a noisy belly all night, it’s best to stay away from these when you want to ensure you have a great sleep.

Ever wondered whether vegans have it better when it comes to snacking the right way before bed? Check out our previous blog post ‘Do vegans sleep better‘?

Whatever you choose to eat, the best thing to do is not overload your stomach before bedtime. Give your digestive a chance to rest after a hard day’s work. Milk is another natural way of inducing sleep and a great ‘snack’ to have before bed. Here at Sleep Well we’ve created some delicious bedtime drinks to help you unwind and send sleep cues to your body that it’s time to switch off and relax.

Happy sleeping. With love, Sleep Well x