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What to wear to bed

Are you a pyjama, nighty or a birthday suit kind of sleeper? Whatever you choose to wear (or not wear) to bed will have a knock on effect on your sleep.

What you wear to bed can either increase or decrease your overall body temperature. As you’ll see in our ‘Get ready for bed 30 top tips‘ by wearing something loose, or nothing at all, your skin can breathe and keep cool. Lowering your body temperature is your main goal as it will help improve both the quality and quantity of your sleep.

For those super stylish Sleep Well customers, check out our favourite sleep-friendly pyjamas that compliment the colours of our three bedtime drinks.

Three Sleep Well Drinks in 'What to wear to bed blog post'.

Purple – perfect for the Platinum Jubilee and your little ones, John Lewis children’s pyjamas.

Teal – We’re big fans of Chelsea Peers’s bedtime clothing for their vibrant colours and bold prints.

Burnt Orange – for the men Lola + Blake’s pyjama bottoms are great for all.

What type of material is best to wear to bed?

So now we’ve determined that you need to stay cool in order to regulate your body temperature it’s good to know what material to use. As with most things nowadays the more natural the better.

Bamboo is a firm favourite and one that is breathable and also super absorbent if you suffer from night sweats. It allows you to stay cool in the summer months and warm in the winter.

With cotton being so soft it’s a dream (excuse the pun) to sleep in. It’s also really lightweight and durable making it handy for those that want looser clothing. The durability makes it a firm favourite for children’s PJ’s and it stands the test of time in washing machines too.

Silk helps your body naturally regulate its temperature. The silk threads capture air between each strand and disperse the right amount of heat around your body. This ensures any excess air can escape, leaving you at a perfect temperature whilst you sleep.

Is sleepwear important?

Sleepwear itself is completely up to you. The process of either getting undressed or dressed for bed simply relates to the practice of good sleep hygiene. By ensuring you make a conscious effort to let your mind know that you are winding down to go to sleep it can become part of your bedtime routine. For other tips on how to improve your sleep hygiene download our Get ready for bed 30 top tips.

No matter what you choose, when you’re choosing your sleep wear, ensure it’s breathable and comfortable. Added bonus if it’s stylish too!

Happy sleeping, with love Team Sleep Well x